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Disney Chic: Prom 2017 Looks Inspired by Your Favorite Princesses

Disney inspired looks are on the rise as of late, with the trend of “disney bounding” (dressing in everyday clothes that are reminiscent of a disney character but not an exact costume replica) becoming a fun new way for people young and old to express themselves. It’s no surprise that Disney has manifested itself in fashion trends on and off the runway, and now it’s becoming a perfect way to celebrate your very own coming of age experience at prom. Brides are always looking for their “cinderella wedding dress” but before her wedding, she went to a ball. Prom is the perfect time to strut your stuff and embody your favorite Princess for a night- may she be a mermaid, a frog, or dancing the night away. 
While a mermaid tail would be the ultimate formal accessory, this dress from ASOS is the best of the sea and the land. 
You may have noticed that Beauty and the Beast Chic is all the rage right now. Live like your favorite bookworm gone glam for the night in this dress from ASOS’s petite range. 
Does the girlfriend of a god count as a princess? This sassy lady deserves a star on the Disney walk of fame for her attitude alone. Be your own heroine in this perfectly draped gown from Unique Vintage.
Let Tiana’s hard working attitude inspire you to be your best self at prom in this dress from ASOS. 
My personal favorite princess, Mulan is the most tough and tender of them all. Make sure to accessorize this dress from ASOS with a sword, or not, because that’s probably not allowed on the dance floor. 
This Cindy inspired dress from Unique Vintage is arguably my favorite of the bunch. I wish I could sport this for Dapper Day at Disney Land, but I don’t have mice to make my dress for me. 
You won’t be sleeping your special night away in this dress from ASOS. It’ll be like the end of a 100 year sleep in this dress at prom. 

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