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2016 Wedding Reflection: Robin


When asked about 2016 floral wedding memories, my mind is flooded with colors, styles and different personalities.  I don't pretend to remember every name, but I don't forget my couple's smiling faces, funny experiences incorporating their pets or the sentimental touches of a Dad's special cuff link or swatch of Great Grandmother's lace. So against my will, I am a hopeless romantic and can spot one a mile away.




I really enjoy designing weddings for people with this same affliction. They are enthusiastic about their upcoming marriage and not only the event. So when Ryann came in for her floral consultation, I was impressed with her friendly spirit and organized agenda. Ryann and Paul already had their venues booked at Westminster Chapel and Strathallan and knew those locations would accommodate their masses of friends and family.


Loose bouquet designs highlighting lush garden Roses, Hydrangea, Ranunculus and assorted botanical foliages were a perfect accent to the sheik assortment of taupe and blush gowns worn by the glowing bridesmaids.  Ryann and Paul wanted each bridal party member and guest to feel special. Which seems to be a common theme in their event and I'm guessing in their personal lives as well.



With a mix of traditional and casual chic, I enjoyed this couple's style and trust that they placed in me and Rockcastle Florist to pull these looks together. "You're the professional"  was music to my ears and the photos are a treat for the eyes.


At the reception, guests were treated to goodies from two people that really impacted this lovely couple. Grandparents!  Pies that were made from Ryann's Grandmother's special recipe brought home a lovely home feel.  Paul's Great Grandparents and especially Grandfather were honored with specialty labeled jars of the famous Guglielmo's home grown marinara sauce (Wegman's carries it, if you want to try a great fresh sauce!) 



All the details were covered for Rochester's Ryann Bouchard and Paul Guglielmo.  I am honored to have worked with this couple and they were never shy in showing their appreciation of our work and time. (The thank you cards were thoughtful but my kids liked the gift of Guglielmo's sauce the most!) Wishing the best of luck to this couple and to all of my couple's that were married in 2016!

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