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2016 Wedding Reflection: Mary

I feel like I’ve been servicing weddings with my mom (Wendy) for most of my matured life. I’ve seen Trends come in and out, serviced weddings for my own family and friends, and many different ways to express love with flowers. This past year has been especially exciting for me, as I “officially” joined the Rockcastle team full time. I got to see my mom, Robin, and the other designers work together to make the weddings.
Often times I’m sent out to service a wedding with my cousin Eileen, and even set up a few weddings with my dad Keith this year. The most loved aspect of my job is working with people I love and respect, and my favorite thing to do is set up and work on weddings. I feel like I should be disenchanted by the idea of the wedding after being in the wedding industry my entire life. I’ve seen a lot, I’ve been stressed under intense wedding pressure, I’ve even ripped my pants while servicing a wedding. True story. My heart however is still very soft to the idea of weddings, I still love the idea of throwing the biggest party of your life to celebrate love. 
This year I discovered arguably my favorite venue in Upstate New York by servicing weddings at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua. Through summer and even into fall, the historical space is filled with beautiful growing plants and decades of intricate decor. I’m hopelessly enamored with the space, and hope to make many trips there in my free time this summer. 
My favorite wedding at Sonnenberg this summer was in the fall with lots of soft autumn themed accents. All of the centerpieces were held in carved white pumpkins, and the wedding was littered in warm golden accents. The ceiling of the tent was lined with lights that reflected off the tent and made the whole room glow. I never met the couple, but the wedding was truly lovely and i’m sure the guests had a lovely time dining and dancing under the lights and amongst the pumpkins.

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