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Disney Chic: Prom 2017 Looks Inspired by Your Favorite Princesses

Disney inspired looks are on the rise as of late, with the trend of “disney bounding” (dressing in everyday clothes that are reminiscent of a disney character but not an exact costume replica) becoming a fun new way for people young and old to express themselves. It’s no surprise that Disney has manifested itself in fashion trends on and off the runway, and now it’s becoming a perfect way to celebrate your very own coming of age experience at prom. Brides are always looking for their “cinderella wedding dress” but before her wedding, she went to a ball. Prom is the perfect time to strut your stuff and embody your favorite Princess for a night- may she be a mermaid, a frog, or dancing the night away. 

2017 Wedding Trends

Are you lost in planning a 2017 wedding, sinking deeper into the hole of ripping pages from wedding magazines and artfully curating specific pinterest sub categories? Are you unsure how to tell your mom you don’t want her to make your wedding bouquet out of the flowers she is growing in her windowsill? Did you know that you’re supposed to be blissfully happy while engaged instead of watching clumps of your own hair fall out in the shower and wondering how you got so stressed?

Show-Stopping Flowers and a Cheap Date: Things to do in Rochester for Valentines Day

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many women I know, romantic partners are never impressed by slapping your credit card down on a long bill at a fancy restaurant. Gives me anxiety, actually. I’m much more comfortable giving or receiving a small but meaningful gift and spending the day exploring together. Here are my personal favorite cheap spots to wander or eat to celebrate valentines, some I’ve been myself with my boyfriend and some are places I’m planning to explore in the new year. I’ve included a selection of flowers that compliment the activity if you want to really create a memorable evening. 

2016 Wedding Reflection: Mary

I feel like I’ve been servicing weddings with my mom (Wendy) for most of my matured life. I’ve seen Trends come in and out, serviced weddings for my own family and friends, and many different ways to express love with flowers. This past year has been especially exciting for me, as I “officially” joined the Rockcastle team full time. I got to see my mom, Robin, and the other designers work together to make the weddings.

2016 Wedding Reflection: Barb

Being the new kid on the Rockcastle block in 2016, all the weddings were memorable for me. I learned something new with each one! 

2016 Wedding Reflection: Wendy

I loved this fearless Bride; brave enough to incorporate emerging trends for 2017 in her wedding bouquet. The “wide” flowing bouquet includes sprawling greenery and trailing ribbons. The blue streamers were stunning against her gown and the muted shades from white-ivory to soft hues of blue and green spoke volumes with such a narrow color selection. This bouquet is the perfect dichotomy of dramatic and quiet, timeless and modern all at once.



2016 Wedding Reflection: Robin

When asked about 2016 floral wedding memories, my mind is flooded with colors, styles and different personalities.  I don't pretend to remember every name, but I don't forget my couple's smiling faces, funny experiences incorporating their pets or the sentimental touches of a Dad's special cuff link or swatch of Great Grandmother's lace. So against my will, I am a hopeless romantic and can spot one a mile away.

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